In order to support the European Commission and the Member States in their work on combatting GBV and to implement its Mid-term Work Programme for 2013 - 2015, EIGE is strengthening its focus on information and data-collection on GBV. The first step in improving the collection of GBV data will be done through a consultation process with relevant stakeholders on the collection of data on gender-based violence, taking place during the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council.

The collection of GBV data remains challenging and multifaceted. In 2012, EIGE launched 2 studies which will provide a comprehensive review of existing administrative data in all MSs, EU bodies and international organisations. The results delivered this year  will lay the ground for EIGE’s strategic framework for its work with GBV.

The format for the meeting is set up to engage all participants in active discussion.

The meeting will start at 9.30 on 17 September and will last till 16.30 on 18 September.

At the two days meeting we will address the following: 

  • Identification of the concrete needs of the Member States and EU bodies in data collection on  GBV, and discussion on which data and statistics the MSs could collect to ensure the comparability of data and indicators across the EU. 
  • Discussion on EIGE’s contribution to the implementation of the Commission’s Strategy for equality between women and men (2010-2015) in  particular, ending gender-based violence.
  • Discussion on EUROSTAT’s engagement in the process and usage of its data on measuring GBV.
  • Discussion on how the results of the FRA survey on gender-based violence against women could be best used by EIGE.
  • Identification of indicators in  areas of GBV, which would be of interest to the majority of the MSs.
  • Development of concrete recommendations on how to improve data collection at national and EU levels and EIGE’s role and tasks in this regard.