The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate in the online discussion “Engaging Men for Gender Equality”.

It is the third one we will be organising this year, thus it is already becoming a very well received tradition.

EIGE has been looking for ways how to integrate the area of men and gender equality in its work. Current debate aims at discussing ways of engaging men/ men's organisations in gender equality and more precisely into the implementation of EIGE’s Concept Paper on Men and Gender Equality. The online debate is also the follow-up of a previous online discussions held on the same topic (links under Related Content block).

EIGE hopes to stimulate a constructive online discussion during which all participants are invited to give their feedback on how to involve men in gender equality and assess which areas are particularly critical for men. We will, for example, discuss the role of men in gender-based violence and how to cooperate with women’s organisations and other stakeholders in this area. Another part of the online discussion will deal with critical areas of the updated Gender Equality Index (read the 2015 Report here), which are relevant for men such as health behaviour or care activities. We look forward to receiving your input as to develop common strategies together on how to better engage men for gender equality in the future.