The 2nd meeting of the Beijing Indicators Working Group included:

  • A presentation and discussion on the preliminary results of the Institute's report on Area E: Women and the Economy of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA) and on the indicators adopted for the promotion of harmonisation of work and family responsibilities for women and men.
  • A presentation of the state of play of the Report on Area K: Women and the Environment of the BPfA. A brief presentation of the study was given and a meeting with experts on gender and climate change was planned.
  • A discussion on synergies and differences in developing an EU Gender Equality Index (EU GEI) and reviewing the Beijing indicators.
  • A presentation of the results and discussion on the Institute’s studies on Beijing indicators:
    • Study on the existing indicators and statistics in the EU,
    • Study on the implementation methods of work with the indicators.
  • A discussion on the follow-up of these studies: how the results can be better presented to different target audience and how better to address the different needs of different audiences: researchers, academics, public administration, etc.