From 25 November to 10 December, we look at the experiences of migrant men in their host countries and ask ourselves how perpetrator programmes can make their work with diverse groups of men more effective. Member organisations from across Europe join us in our efforts to raise awareness on societal racism and ending gender-based violence in ALL communities.

We acknowledge that reasons for migration are as diverse as the people who take it upon themselves to leave the countries in which they were born. For some, it is the hope for a better, more peaceful life. For others, it is a new job opportunity or love that encourages them to leave behind their home and risk a fresh start in an unknown part of the world. Migration, whether from the Gambia to Italy or the USA to Germany, can cause an immense amount of stress for families and couples. Often, trauma and racism, homesickness, language barriers and uncertain economic situations or issues with residence permits exacerbate this stress.

We believe that gender inequality and male entitlement are global issues at the core of violence against women. Migrant men of all backgrounds and non-migrant men are equally likely to perpetrate domestic and gender-based violence. However, we need to consider the stressors and challenges mentioned above when designing perpetrator programmes. If we do not, we cannot offer perpetrator programmes that are effective, safe, and accountable towards survivors, as well as marginalised perpetrators.

You can join our efforts by sharing our campaign with your network, amplifying the campaigners’ voices on social media, as well as attending our campaign events.

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