Is earmarked maternity for fathers a good idea? What are the prerequisites for introducing earmarked maternity? Wherein lies the resistance to such a scheme? And what do the proponents say?


Both Norway, Sweden and Iceland have an earmarked paternity leave for fathers, while Denmark chose to abolish it in 2001. By comparison, Iceland, has just extended the period of earmarked paternity leave for fathers to last five months, which is unheard of in international contexts.


Get an overview of the Nordic experiences and participate in the debate:


Monday 27 May 2013, 14:00-16:45

Aalborg University Copenhagen campus Sydhavn Room 2.1.042, A.C. Meyers Vaenge 15

2450 Copenhagen, Denmark


Registration can be made to Benedikte Marstrand, For further information, contact Professor Tine Rostgaard,, tel 42

74 34 45.


The event will be conducted in Nordic languages ​​and English. The event funded by NOS-HS and is part of a research project on Nordic fathers and fatherhood led by Professor Gudny Eydal, University of Iceland and Professor Tine Rostgaard, Aalborg University Copenhagen, and is also included as activity in AAU PLEG project (Parental Leave, Equalty and Gender).