The conference aims to be a venue for sharing experiences, based on the assumption that testimonies and exchanges between women from different walks of life create opportunities for empowerment. Women will be invited to share their stories from various spheres of life, learn from and inspire each other. Some can be small stories such as a story of entrepreneurship, and others can be transformative for the world, like that of Manal al‐Sharif, who had the courage to drive a car in Saudi Arabia and put its video on YouTube. The common theme will be the encouragement the stories will entail, rather than portraying a victimised situation of women. The conference will address the many challenges and obstacles women face today and will propose practical solutions at various levels (governmental, parliamentary, civil society), and in respect of the diversity of the situations in the region.

Participate in the online discussion between Oct 26th and Nov 2nd and be heard at the conference. 

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