The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate in the online discussion “Functionality and design of EIGE’s database on gender statistics”.

EIGE has been developing and collecting several gender statistics datasets, which are currently being conceptually and technically merged into a unique database on gender statistics - a centralised source of data and statistics on gender equality for EIGE’s stakeholders and the general public.        

Aiming to facilitate access to EIGE’s stakeholders, researchers, journalists and the general public, the database should be a user-friendly interface and have an intuitive search mechanism.  It should allow the creation of interoperable data and metadata sets that will facilitate their usage by various stakeholders.

To reach these results, EIGE organises an online discussion where all participants are invited to provide feedback on the proposed structure of the database and to express their needs as potential users of EIGE’s database on gender statistics. In particular, we would like to find out from you which of the proposed entry points/ browsing trees will be most useful, to what types of users and what search queries users you think users might be running on the database. The proposed browsing trees are to be found in the attached document (pdf).

Thus, just by joining this online discussion you will be able to obtain detailed information on  EIGE’s database on gender statistics and its current development as well as  to have an input in structuring and designing its interface.

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You can access the online discussion page and post your comment here.


Although initially planned for one day, the online discussion page will remain open for comments on the proposed tree structure and suggestions of search queries until July 20, 11pm.