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The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is pleased to invite you to an online discussion on Female Genital Mutilation. The online discussion will take place on 29 October, 2013 on EIGE’s EuroGender platform at
Aim and rationale of the online discussion
The number of girls and women around the world who have suffered genital mutilations ranges between 100 and 140 million (WHO 2012).  FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and the age of 15. At a European level, FGM is recognised as a violation of the rights of girls and women, and is a form of of violence against women and girls, involving procedures that include the partial or total removal of the external female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
There is no reliable and comparable data on the prevalence of FGM at EU level. In all EU MS, legal provisions dealing with body injury, mutilation and removal of organs or body tissue, are applicable to the practice of FGM and may be used for criminal prosecution. In addition, in some countries, a principle of extra-territoriality renders it possible to prosecute the practice even when it is committed outside of the country’s borders.
In 2013 EIGE published the report “Female Genital Mutilation in the European Union and Croatia”.  The report identified a lack of a common definition of “prevalence of FGM”, lack of comparable data which is caused by different methodologies, definitions and approaches used, as well as a wide variation in the use  of information sources to collect data and to estimate the extent of FGM at national or regional level.
The online discussion on Female genital mutilation aims at gathering policy makers, academics and activists to debate and share knowledge. The objective is to obtain views on developing a common EU-wide definition on prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation, and obtain suggestions for the definition and how to develop this, as well as to  develop common indicators and methodologies to determine this prevalence.
Participating in the discussion
The online discussion is very similar to a blog or an online forum: it is written, every user can choose make a post, to comment on a post or to share a document. The time commitment would be around five hours (spaced out to suit you, and at any time of day), and you can participate from any location, as long as it has an internet connection. The main findings of the online discussions will be summarised and made available on EIGE’s website.
Please feel free to share this invitation with your peers and invite them to participate in the online discussion. We kindly ask you to register for the discussion before 25 October by sending e-mail to or simply click Join event button on the left. Upon your registration you will receive additional information on the event.

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