The European Women’s Lobby is pleased to announce its next event in the framework of the 50/50 campaign and the European Political Mentoring Programme at the European Parliament in Brussels, on 18 February (16.15 – 18.15).
The seminar, hosted by MEP Claude Moraes (S&D), moderated by 3 members of the Core Group, aims at promoting the active participation of women as voters and candidates in the European Parliament elections of May 2014 in order to have a more representative, equal and democratic Europe.
After a contextualization of the theme of the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to hear about good practices and challenges in Europe and beyond, including from a politician from the USA and from Norway who will share their experience in politics with the audience.
At the seminar, experts from different governmental bodies, academics, NGOs and MEPs will present their perspectives on the equal representation of women and men in political life, and diversity in governmental bodies and the European Institutions. A panel of civil society representatives will furthermore formulate concrete requests and courses of action needed to increase the political participation of women from different backgrounds.