On 3rd December, EIGE’s Journalists' & Networking joint consulting meeting took place in Brussels. The meeting was followed by the launch of the inaugural 'Women Inspiring Europe' Calendar - a showcase of 12 of Europe’s most remarkable women and their achievements and success stories.

The EIGE Journalists’ Task Force (JTF) is an ad hoc advisory body, which foresees meetings at least three times annually. Its mission is to collaborate in meaningful ways on the development of strategies and ideas that further the mission and values of the European Institute for Gender Equality through various means of communication, including media relations, public relations, marketing and technology.
The functions of the JTF are to:

  • Provide advice to the Institute's management and staff in relation to priority issues for communications and suggest strategies to achieve positive outcomes,
  • Discuss emerging technologies and developments in Communications and identify potential relevance to the Institute's projects and activities,
  • Provide a commentary on relevant research to assist in the development of coordinated and unified positions,
  • Act to bring information from stakeholders to the attention of the Institute and to disseminate information from the Institute to stakeholders, to its network(s) and to the general public (wherever activities or projects are relevant).