EIGE's Journalist Thematic Network (JTN) will come together for the 16th time, in a meeting focused on combating violence against women. 

During the one and a half days, the discussions will touch upon topics relevant to current times, such as human trafficking for sexual exploitation, cyber violence against women and girls and female genital mutilation. EIGE’s expert, Jurgita Peciuriene, will be there to present the Institute's work in these areas and answer questions from participants. A local guest speaker will also come and give an overview of the situation on violence against women in Spain.

As part of the event, the JTN members will have two field trips. On the first day, they will visit the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (ARAMP), an organisation with 25 years of experience in supporting victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Spain. The second field trip will take participants to a centre in Madrid that helps women who have experienced domestic violence to recover.

The Journalist Thematic Network consists of professionals from mainstream media outlets all across the EU, with a shared interest in gender equality. The aim of this network is to give extra visibility to EIGE's work, so that it can reach audiences beyond experts and policymakers.

You can find the meeting agenda, as well as the speakers' presentation under the "Resources" tab.

Image: wellphoto/Shutterstock.com