For the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) “Making equality between women and men a reality for all Europeans and beyond” is what we strive to.

The awareness of Gender Equality questions is very important and media are among the ways of creating awareness. EIGE is currently developing its Communication Strategy and invites media and communications persons for an important two day discussion in Vilnius on how gender equality and the media work together.

For both media and EIGE it is important to collaborate in meaningful ways on the levels and quality of information about Gender Equality can be made available for the media and for EIGE it is important to develop strategies, synergies and ideas that further its mission and values through various means of communication, including media relations, public relations, marketing and technology.


EIGE have already conduction a series of consultations and are available to demonstrate the product in its final stages including engaging in dialogue and discussions which allow journalists and the media to create stories on their own.

What are the meetings objectives?

  • To provide a platform for an exchange of ideas and information on Gender Equality and to raise awareness of the Institute's work on Gender Equality.
  • To present and discuss the work for a Gender Equality Index that will be based on available data and that is currently being developed at EIGE.

Who is the target group?

Journalists, media representative, communications consultants, writers, communications officers at Member State, European and international levels as well as other stakeholders.