Peer-to-peer exchange seminar

We encourage the professionals who design, implement and monitor gender mainstreaming actions in the national and regional administrations and institutions across the EU-28 to participate in the seminar.

With this seminar we aim to bring together around 50 representatives of national and regional institutions working on gender mainstreaming to learn from the peers, to discuss the good practices, to share knowledge and experiences and to suggest directions for future work on gender mainstreaming.


Gender mainstreaming is about change and as such it is oftentimes challenging and complicated. Mainstreaming gender requires commitment, knowledge and support. Therefore, we aim:

  • To provide opportunity to learn about approaches/tools for the implementation of gender mainstreaming strategies and programmes;
  • To strengthen the capacity to effectively mainstream gender in policy processes in the EU and the Member States.
  • To provide a platform for networking and a face-to-face exchange of good practices between the professionals from the Member States, working in the field of gender mainstreaming and gender equality;
  • To offer practical information on the use of Gender Impact Assessment as a tool for  assessing the impact of policies on gender equality;
  • To contribute to debates on developing and sharing capacity building tools for gender mainstreaming.

The seminar is organised in the framework of EIGE’s gender mainstreaming methods, tools and good practices programme, taking account of the results produced under two projects:

  • The study on Review of the Institutional Capacity and Effective Methods, Tools and Good Practices for Mainstreaming Gender Equality in a few Selected Policy Areas within the European Commission, the EU Member States and Croatia (2013).
  • A two-year project Gender Training in the European Union: Mapping, research and stakeholders’ engagement (2012-2013), which emphasises the importance of gender capacity development as a part of support system for gender mainstreaming.


If you wish to participate please register before 4 November 2013 by clicking on the “Register online” button. Please note that EIGE will cover hotel and travel expenses of confirmed participants only.

Unfortunately the number of people we can host is limited. Registrations will be confirmed based on the availability of place and geographical considerations. We ask for your understanding in case your registration is rejected.

Agenda (.pdf)

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