Support Abortion as a Human Right! Join the worldwide mobilisation on September 28 for the Global Day of Access to Safe and Legal Abortion!

On September 28, WGNRR calls on her members and allies from all over the world to end the stigma against abortion and demand for women’s right to control their bodies without putting their lives, health and freedom at risk. Along with our global and regional partners we call for a unified effort to demand our government for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion as a Human Right by observing September 28 Global Day of Action. 

How you can participate:

* Be part of our virtual mural by completing the phrase “Abortion should be safe and legal in (country) because….”. Take your photo, attach the Sept 28 logo which can be downloaded from the Sept28 website, and post on the WGNRR facebook page, Tweet and tag us or email Please send your contributions by August 30.

* Join or organise country actions on September 28, to disseminate information about safe abortion. It could be a flash mob, media conference, workshop, seminar etc. Download campaign materials and media kits from our website.

* Co-author and Sign a Manifesto that demands for abortions rights to be included in the post-2015 development agenda.

* Spread the word and speak loudly on abortion! Widely use the hashtag #Sept28 or blog about experiences or your thoughts that would support the need to decriminalise abortion (please email us the links). Send your solidarity messages and widely circulate the September 28 video and Manifesto on Safe and Legal Abortion.

Visit for more details and updates. For further inquiries,