This in person training aims at sensitising about key problems at stake regarding gender in research and innovation. It provides the opportunity to familiarise with the concept of a Gender Equality Plan and its main stages. Read more, here

The training is guided by one of the leading gender experts in Europe, Dr Maxime Forest. Dr Forest’s recent work includes the roles of Scientific Coordinator on the FP7 EGERA Project, Advisor on gender equality issues for the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education and is an appointed member of the High Gender Equality Council which advises the French Prime Minister on gender issues and he is involved with three successful Horizon2020 research projects, all focused on gender and academia.

Who is it for? 

  • Gender equality officers / focal persons; Equality / diversity officers
  • Human resources officers
  • Gender Equality Plan Teams
  • Middle managers / team leaders

This in-person training will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) coorganised with the Gearing Roles project and hosted by the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Arts. 

Participation is free of charge, while participants should cover travel and other expenses. 


5-6 March 2020 


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Please reserve your place now by using this link

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