EIGE has launched a new project on the benefits of gender equality and organises the first meeting of experts in Vilnius on 15-16 May 2013. The Thematic Working Group on Gender and Evaluation within the European Evaluation Society (EES), the Platform for Equal and Non-Transferable Parental Leaves (PLENT) and independent experts are invited to attend the meeting.

The participants will discuss current advocacy efforts on gender equality in the European Union and devise strategies to increase the space for positive gender equality advocacy in order to sustain governments' attention to gender equality.





About the project

EIGE has launched a new project on the benefits of gender equality (BGE) in April 2013.

By introducing a focus on the benefits of gender equality, EIGE seeks to effectively advocate for a stronger inclusion of gender equality in the political agenda across the EU in times when the economic and social crisis hampers gender equality achievements and structures.

The project will include background papers, online discussions and expert group meetings (EGMs) by renowned experts and leading policy-makers focusing on evidence-based advocacy for gender equality in the EU. 

It seeks to identify the concepts, key components and rationales most commonly used to bolster gender equality policy-making. Furthermore, it will analyse the type of evidence needed to inform policy with a more rational, rigorous and systematic approach to gender equality.