March 16, Milan, European Parliament, from 15 to 18

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March 25, Rome, the Foreign Press Room, from 9 to 19

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The States-General of the women are participating in the 60 years of Europe with an experimental laboratory, at the Hall of the Foreign Press Association, from 9 to 19, which as Italian experience can become a good practice for European colleagues through preparatory meetings with participation of the Scientific Committee of the States General of Women, experts and European parliamentarians.

The States-General of Women is intended to overcome the celebratory aspect and questioning about the current state of the Community institutions, trying to figure out if it is possible and how to revive the great European project through a thorough analysis of critical issues and the construction of a laboratory to examine the prospects for revival, by women's point of view.

The analytical work carried out so far by the States General, through a meeting with thousands of women throughout the country and through the World Conference of Women organized during Expo in September 2015 has shown that the economic and social inequality is reaching alarming levels and how the challenge of the future must focus on reducing the gap between rich and poor.

A challenge that calls into question the entire Western system of accumulation of wealth and even the behavior of certain undertakings, concerned with only increase their profits without recognizing obligations to all stakeholders, both internal and external parties to them, as the community local.

Europe is experiencing a complex crisis, which is both financial and economic but also the democratic legitimacy of its institutions. It is crossed by nationalism, waves of migration, terrorism. There seems to be no easy solutions.

The political project for a united Europe that can go beyond the single market and monetary union has reached a point of no return?

We want a Europe that puts in place concrete measures to resolve the drama of female and youth unemployment and raise employment by investing in defense and homeland security, health, education / training and research, in social policies inclusive.

We want a Europe that contrasts the precarious nature of women's work, in particular young women and the growing poverty, including by establishing a basic income guarantee in all member countries.

Program of 16 March in Milan, from 15 to 18

Promote economic empowerment of women

Create job, think back to the education and training programs, developing

entrepreneurship and leadership

Program of 25 March 2017, in Rome, from 9 am to 19

Organization of introductory presentations, the working groups and a final plenary

around the following themes:

Create job, think back to the education and training programs, developing

entrepreneurship and leadership

Promote the economic empowerment of women

War, peace, democracy, conflict resolution

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Literature, Philosophy, Art

Welfare state, health, lifestyle, power, respect, non-violence

Cities, new economies for the future

Migration, borders, new perspectives

Speakers: members of the Scientific Committee, MEPs, Experts, Women of The States-General of Women.