A one-day conference in which we want to give guidance on how to deal with gender-stereotyped behaviour among young people online. It will target a wide range of professionals who come into contact with young people in one way or another (social workers, teachers, NGOs, etc.) and it will lead to concrete recommendations to (Belgian and European) politicians and policymakers.



Child Focus is the Belgian helpline for a safer internet. And we notice in our figures, but also those of others, that gender-stereotyped behaviour still has an enormous impact on online communication between young people. Think of ‘slut-shaming’ and macho behaviour of boys… Meanwhile, we see that boys are also sometimes victims of stereotyped behaviour, but are less likely to seek help or talk about their feelings… While most professionals will recognize these issues, they often do not know how to react. This conference will respond to this need, offering concrete tools to work effectively on the topic.

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