In April 2013, EIGE launched a new project on the Benefits of Gender Equality (BGE). By introducing a focus on benefits, EIGE seeks to promote gender equality across the EU.

The BGE project included an online discussion and two expert group meetings among renowned experts and relevant networks working on evidence-based advocacy for gender equality in the EU. Preliminary ideas about the benefits that gender equality has brought in different sectors and at different levels were shared and, as a result, EIGE commissioned four background papers to inform decisions on ways forward to address the research on the benefits of gender equality at the European Institute for Gender Equality.

These background papers revolve around these issues:

  • rights approach versus economic arguments to advocate for gender equality;
  • benefits of a policy reform within the gender equality agenda: parental leaves;
  • benefits of gender equality in sectoral policies: infrastructures (childcare facilities);
  • feasibility of the economic case for gender equality.

With the aim to discuss and assess different proposals, EIGE has engaged four peer reviewers with relevant experience on the analysis of the rationales, benefits of gender equality and availability of data to comment on existing proposals. These four peer reviewers and the authors of the background papers have been convened to a consultation meeting in Vilnius on 30-31 January. 

This consultation meeting seeks to shed light on the feasibility and timeliness of conducting further research on the Benefits of Gender Equality. The availability of data, the results of examining some specific policy reforms or sectors, and methodological options will be explored with the purpose of identifying a research agenda that contributes to support and sustain government interest on gender equality.