Despite the continuous efforts, achieving real gender equality is still an unmet challenge all over the world and in many areas of life. To achieve full gender equality, there is a critical need for active contributions by both women and men.

At the Tallinn conference, we seek to provide a space for furthering discussions and learning from each other’s experiences on topics ranging from caring to toxic masculinities. In this framework, we are addressing issues such as men’s responsibility to care for oneself, care for others, and care for the well-being and sustainability of societies, including the promotion of gender equality. Both the challenges and the promising practices covering these topics will be discussed in both panel and workshop formats, involving a range of stakeholders, among them policymakers, researchers, and activists.

The conference will be held both physically in Tallinn, Estonia, and virtually.

  • The first day of the conference can be watched here
  • The second day of the conference, here

For more information, please contact: 

Kelly Otsman
Ministry of Social Affairs
tel. +372 626 9238