This year EIGE will finalise a measurement framework of violence against women (VAW) in the EU, which will become a part of EIGE’s Gender Equality Index and will be monitored every two years. The next  update of the Gender Equality Index will be launched in October, 2017. The measurement framework shall support the EU and its Member States to monitor progress in combating VAW and the implementation of their commitments. EIGE commissioned the work on this framework to the University Erlangen-Nurnburg, Germany (prof. Monika Schrottle is the project director).

The meeting will address:  

1.    The scope and relevance of the conceptual framework of the domain of violence of the Gender Equality Index. It will be grounded in the EU’s legal provisions and international commitments and, in particular, the Istanbul Convention.

2.    The measurement framework of the VAW domain within the overall framework of the Gender Equality Index. The framework will include a limited but feasible number of indicators on the extent of different forms of VAW, integrating data from surveys and administrative sources. 

3.    The feasibility of building a composite indicator on violence against women and its link with the Gender Equality Index.

4.    The broader list of indicators (qualitative and quantitative) that would allow the contextualisation of the extent of VAW (e.g. existence of national legal and policy provisions, availability of services, public attitudes, etc.).

 Participation is per invitation only