Area 5: The parliament complies with its SYMBOLIC function

Gender-sensitive facilities

From guns to babies – UK: Making the traditional shooting gallery into a nursery

The Speaker of the Parliament initiated a change in 2016 whereby the traditional shooting gallery has been transformed into a nursery for the children of people working in the parliament.


You could be the first – Italy: the Women’s Room in the Chamber of Deputies

The President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies dedicated a room to women in 2016. The Women’s Room shows the pictures of the first women to be active in political representation in Italy at national, regional and local level. On a blank wall, there are three mirrors, one for each political position that has as yet not been held by a woman (President of the Republic, of the Senate and of the Council of Ministers). Below the mirrors, women visitors can read ‘You could be the first’.


Children day care facilities for MPs and staff – Germany: Kindergarten of the German Bundestag

The service is located near the Bundestag, in a dedicated building and has been hosting MPs’ and staff’s children since 1999. Source:

Gender-sensitive communication

Gender-neutral language in documents and communication policy: European Parliament