GEP – VRVis (Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung) (AT)

The GEP developed and implemented by VRVis included concrete targets for structural and cultural change in the organisation. It sought to increase stakeholder and staff awareness of the underrepresentation of women at VRVis through training and internal information. It also targeted at least 25 % women researchers and an increased share of women in decision-making processes. The GEP measures were implemented in three areas: gender awareness/competencies (the basis for all other measures); communication (internal and external); and human resources (recruitment, induction, retention). The mix of measures were designed to bring about structural and cultural change as concepts and processes were changed by/during the implementation of the GEP. In the course of implementing the GEP, VRVis realised the importance of including high-level decision makers to raise their awareness and ensure their genuine commitment to action. It acknowledged its own specific context, including not comparing its measures to those of other organisations, and focusing on one clear relatable objective rather than gender equality terminology. Finally, VRVis became aware of the importance of flexibility to react to current needs.