RODA - Parents in Action (RODA - roditelji u akciji)


Roda was founded in 2001 and is active in the Republic of Croatia through a developed network of projects and activities that are carried out by the organisation’s more than 250 volunteer members. From its foundation to the present in its projects and programs, ad-hoc activities and lobbying for parental and children’s rights Roda has influenced positive changes in public opinion as well as changes within institutions: the creation of infrastructure and legal frameworks for changing outdated practices.In its work Roda has become an important stakeholder in the areas of adequate maternal leave compensation and right to maternety and parental leave, medically assisted pregnancy and improving birth conditions, breastfeeding promotion, education and counselling, education and support for parents and future parents and child traffic safety. It is a central placewhere pregnant women, new mothers and parents can get information and it serves as a forum for experiences, suggestions and complaints.

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Čanićeva 14, 10000, ZAGREB
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Phone : 385 1  6177 500
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Ivana Zanze

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