Malta // Methods & Tools

The Gender Aspect from a Legal Perspective

Aims and objectives

An EU co-funded project (ESF46) aimed to increase the participation and advancement of women through the correction of structural barriers by maintreaming gender in selected Codes and Acts of Maltese legislation and align them with the principles laid down in the EU directives

Results and impact

Legislators and people with legal background were sensitised about gender mainstreaming through training. Moreover, on completion of the gender audit of respective legislation, conclusions were drawn up on each area, providing an overview and review of the provisions requiring either amendments or introduction in the relative legislative provisions.


Creator/owner/responsible institution

National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)


A study was commissioned in 2008 to audit legislation related to education, employment and training, social security and taxation, criminal, civil and the family. Training was provided and results disseminated. Three toolkits were also developed: one for legislators and legal professionals; and two for human resources managers in the public and private sectors respectively.