Lithuania // Methods & Tools

Moterys ir vyrai Lietuvoje

Unofficial title in English: 
Women and men in Lithuania

Funding body

Lithuanian Government

Aims and objectives

To provide gender-disaggregated statistics in various fields

Results and impact

Statistical reports on “Women and Men in Lithuania” are issued every year

Creator/owner/responsible institution

The Lithuanian Department of Statistics

Contact: 29 Gedimino Ave, LT-01500 Vilnius, Lithuania


Since 1997, the Statistics Department under the Government compiles, analyses and publishes statistics in a number of fields, broken down by sex. The publication “Women and men in Lithuania” is published yearly. The recent publication on Statistics "Women and Men in Lithuania in 2011" provides statistical information on women and men in the country and the European Union, their participation in public affairs, the demographic characteristics of the labour market, education and science, social security, crime and etc.

Additional information

Periodicity: ongoing-2013