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Dzimumu līdztiesības komitejas izveide

Unofficial title in English: 
Constitution of Committee of Gender Equality

Aims and objectives

In order to ensure an effective coordination of activities performed by different ministries, social partners, NGO’s, Governments agencies, the ombudsman and other relevant actors the Committee of Gender Equality is established at the Ministry of Welfare.

Results and impact

Committee of Gender Equality meetings were held on June 2012, October 2010, December 2010, March 2011, June 2011, September 2011, December 2011, March 2012, June 2012, September 2012, March 2013.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Welfare



Social partners, NGO’s, Governments agencies, all ministries, the Ombudsman and other relevant actors participate in implementation, monitoring and improvement of gender equality policy