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Gender Glasses in Use

Sukupuolisilmälasit käyttöön!

Funding body


Aims and objectives

To support gender mainstreaming and gender impact assessment in select ministries through the provision of training and tools

Results and impact

The initiative produced awareness-raising and capacity building material: website, training manual, borchures, posters, and checklists. The evaluation highlights that overall, the training was felt to be useful, however, the project did not succeed in attracting enough staff from ministries, especially senior staff. Participants expressed the need for more concrete tools and good practice examples. The need for support from consultants was raised in the context of specific projects. A positive aspect of the project was that it brought gender mainstreaming into ministries' agenda, reminding staff that gender mainstreaming is mandatory.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health



The 'gender glasses' project supported gender equality work in ministries of education and culture, internal affairs and social affairs and health. The initiative supported the work of gender equality working groups, training and the development of web-based tools/information. The initiative was funded through the PROGRESS initiative. In its first stage (2007-2008), the initiative trained senior staff (and others) in ministries of gender mainstreaming. In the second stage (2008-2009) the initiative aimed to cement gender mainstreaming practices through the provision of four thematic training initiatives to active/operational gender equality working groups as well as publishing a gender mainstreaming training manual.