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Government Report on Equality between Women and Men

Hallituksen tasa-arvoselonteko

Aims and objectives

To reinforce the systematic and long-term promotion of gender equality, assess the effectiveness of the current policy and allow for parliamentary discussion on gender equality policy.

Results and impact

The report has not yet been evaluated, but many of its recommendations were taken into account in the Gender Action Plan 2012-2015. The parliament expects a progress report for the implementation of the current report in 2016 and a new report in 2021.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health



The aim of the report is to reinforce the long-term and systematic promotion of gender equality, and it lays emphasis on the commitment to the implementation of gender equality policy at all levels. The report looks into the objectives and measures of the policy that has been pursued and their effectiveness as well as into the developments in gender equality over the past ten years.