This information was last updated in 2015 and may have changed since then. EIGE will next update the information at the end of 2019.


The promotion of gender equality through policies and legislation in Cyprus is a fairly recent phenomenon. Mostly due to Cyprus’s harmonisation with the aquis communitaire, an impressive number of legislative measures relating to gender equality have been passed in the last decade, covering the areas of equal treatment in employment, equal pay, maternity protection, parental leave, violence in the family, and more.


The National Machinery for Women’s Rights (NMWR) under the Ministry of Justice and Public Order is the main coordinating body for the promotion of gender equality. It advises the Council of Ministers on policies, programmes and laws promoting women’s rights. The NMWR consists of a council that is chaired by the Minister of Justice.

Laws and Policies

In the absence of a specific law or legislative provision for gender mainstreaming, the most important national policy document that makes reference to gender mainstreaming is the National Action Plan on Equality between Women and Men (2007–2013). This document incorporates a holistic approach to gender equality, defining separate actions to promote gender equality in six main thematic units.

Methods & Tools

Methods in use include the collection of sex-disaggregated statistics (with the Cyprus Statistical Service playing a leading role in this effort), knowledge generation and the conducting of research, gender planning, and consultation with stakeholders.

Other resources