EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database presents data related to gender equality, in line with the EU’s political priorities.

EIGE has been expanding its unique statistical activities and populating the Gender Statistics Database with new statistics and indicators throughout its entry points:

  • on gender balance of leadership positions, new statistics and indicators have been added under Women and Men in decision making for regular updates 
  • on Environment and Climate Change, EU Funding – specifically on the Resilience and Recovery Fund and Covid-19on Institutional mechanisms for Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming related to Area H of the BPfA, populating the entry point of Gender Mainstreaming (contextual indicators)

An additional entry point is included in the Database presenting statistics resulting from the following surveys carried out by EIGE on:

  • gender equality and socio-economic consequence of Covid-19
  • platform workers
  • gender gaps in unpaid care, individual and social activities

Along the Database maintenance and updating process EIGE has been producing short descriptive statistical analysis in the format of: