This study aims to develop a knowledge base and contribute to more effective and sustainable implementation of gender budgeting as a tool for gender mainstreaming across the EU. It maps gender budgeting initiatives, focusing on practical applications of gender budgeting and budgetary processes within the EU.

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  • Gender budgeting tool: designed to raise awareness of the importance of budgetary processes in achieving gender equality across public and private sectors. It develops key concepts, definitions and factors, together with their application, in an easy-to-read structure.
  • Gender budgeting in the European Structural and Investment Funds: in 2017, EIGE launched a study “Gender Budgeting in the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF and ERDF): the needed change towards gender equality”. The study provided a clearer picture of how gender budgeting could be implemented sustainably.  

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Introduction to gender budgeting on EIGE's Gender Mainstreaming Platform