Description of the contract

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) envisages awarding a middle-value contract for analysing the feasibility of monitoring the references to EIGE by national level policy makers and perform a pilot monitoring phase in 5 EU member states for 6 months.

Description of the requested services

The project will have two phases:

  1. analyse the feasibility of monitoring the usage of EIGE’s outputs in the national level policy making process. The project will consider the opportunities such a monitoring offers and the inherent difficulties of such monitoring e.g. due to the use of national languages, government structures and changes, different types of government in each member state, breadth of the possible sources, lack of a standardised way to reference EIGE, low discoverability of resources, member states with multiple official languages. Based on the feasibility analysis, the project will propose RACER indicators (Relevant, Acceptable, Credible, Easy, Robust) and ways to evaluate EIGE’s impact in national-level policy making within specific budget and time limits.
  2. monitor the proposed RACER indicators in 5 member states as a pilot over a period of 6 months. The countries to be covered will have different characteristics e.g. countries with multiple national languages, different sizes, different government types.

Description of the procedure

This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of the negotiated procurement procedure through which EIGE may award the above-mentioned contract.

All parties interested in providing the services described above should express their interest 400 words maximum, by e-mail, to with the subject reference: EIGE/2021/OPER/08, before 07 July 2021, 12:00 Vilnius time.

Economic operators who do not express their interest before the deadline and to the address above will not be invited to submit an offer. The latter restriction will not apply to the minimum of five economic operators directly invited by EIGE.

Tender documents will be sent by e-mail.

This publication constitutes no obligation for EIGE to launch the mentioned procurement procedure.

We look forward to receiving your declaration of interest.