The European Institute for Gender Equality, the regulatory agency of the European Union, is planning to award the contract resulting from the above procurement procedure.

The contract aims to map existing national policies, research, definitions and data on cyber violence against women across the Member States. This will include: concepts and definitions of different forms of cyber violence used in Member States and available survey and administrative data collection on cyber violence with all EU-27.

The study should focus on cyber violence against women over the age of 13. It represents the minimum legal age to open a personal account on the majority of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat. This allows targeting female users of different age groups, ever since their first (legal) access to social media platforms.

The geographical scope will include all the EU Member States. The contract will be completed within 10 months from the contract’s date of signature.

The contractor is expected to build on the work and analysis already done by EIGE, with specific focus on administrative data collection and indicators available through Gender Statistics Database.

The study should contribute to the further goal of having a regular collection of reliable and comparable data on cyber violence against women in all EU Member States.

The tender documents will be available on the TED eTendering platform within 7 days of this call. 

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