This tender is announced with a view to select the best proposal for the implementation of the project “Update of the Gender Equality in Academia and Research tool – GEAR tool”. The contract is carried out in the framework of EIGE’s work on gender mainstreaming.

The submitted work shall firstly identify policy and legal developments since 2015 in the area of mainstreaming gender into the policy area of research to align the content with Horizon Europe’s provisions. The geographical scope for the identification of policy and legal developments will include the EU and all EU Member States. The first part of this work will serve to update the information in the already existing sections and documents of the GEAR tool and align it with Horizon Europe to provide users with up-to-date information.

The second part of the work will propose changes to the structure of the GEAR tool in order to make it user-friendlier and more accessible to targeted audience. The proposal with new functionalities for the toolkit shall be validated.

Intended users of the present work are researchers, project managers and Human Resources teams at RPOs, RFOs and universities as well as policy makers at every level of the EU and EU Member States.

The tender documents will be available on the TED eTendering platform within 7 days of this call. 

Note: EIGE is using the eTendering platform for managing this call for tender, which consists of the publication of procurement documents and the management of questions and answers concerning the specifications and the procedure.

Please follow the relevant links to gain access to all procurement documents. The documents will be visible and downloadable, but in order to use some options on the eTendering website, you will need to register and log in. It is the tenderer’s responsibility to check for updates and modifications to the tendering documentation during the tendering period on eTendering platform.