Description of the contract

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) envisages awarding a low-value contract for providing support services in developing policy on information management and classification.

Description of the requested services

Here is the list of expected tasks and processes:

  • Review all information (electronic and on paper)
  • Assess the current system
  • Determine how information is received, processed, reviewed, stored and archived
  • Support with classification of information
  • Propose strategy on how documents will be received, processed, reviewed, stored, retrieved, and eventually purged from the system
  • Draft information management policy

Description of the procedure

This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of the negotiated procurement procedure through which EIGE may award the above-mentioned contract.

All parties interested in providing the services described above should express their interest 400 words maximum, by e-mail, to with the subject reference: EIGE/2021/ADM/15, before 05/11/2021, 12:00 Vilnius time.

Economic operators who do not express their interest before the deadline and to the address above will not be invited to submit an offer. The latter restriction will not apply to the minimum of three economic operators directly invited by EIGE.

Tender documents will be sent by e-mail.

This publication constitutes no obligation for EIGE to launch the mentioned procurement procedure.

We look forward to receiving your declaration of interest.