The European Institute for Gender Equality, the regulatory agency of the European Union, (referred to below as the contracting authority) is planning to award the contract(s) resulting from the above procurement procedure. The procurement documents consist of the publication on Internet, this invitation letter, the draft contract and tender specifications with their respective annexes. All documents are available at the TED eTendering website within 7 days from the publication of this notice.

The study will contribute to EIGE’s efforts to strengthen the capacity of the institutional response to violence against women, namely femicide. EIGE aims to support EU Member States in improving the institutional response by focusing on the role and rights of the victims in the criminal proceedings for femicide, and the duty of the States to investigate, prosecute, punish and provide reparation.

The overall objective of the study is to improve the institutional response, by identifying the gaps within and between law and in practice when providing justice to victims of femicide.

The specific objectives of this study are:

  •  to improve investigation and prosecution in cases of femicide;
  • to strengthen the role and rights of victims in criminal proceedings and ensure their access to reparation.

The study will apply a gender-sensitive and victim-centred approach and will also examine the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on institutional responses to femicide.