The subject of the Contract is the study on the 4th review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU. The study will serve as a basis for EIGE’s report to the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second semester of 2014. The study shall focus on reviewing the implementation of the BPfA in the European Union. It shall provide a thorough assessment of the implementation of all strategic objectives set up in the 12 areas of BPfA in the context of the EU policy priorities and targets on gender equality.

The review shall present the most recent situation of gender equality, assess and analyse the trends since 2010 by identifying achievements, gaps and challenges in each area of concern at both EU and national level. The existing Beijing indicators and available data at EU level shall provide the factual basis for analysis and assessment of gender equality across the EU and its Member States. Good examples of national legal and policy measures to promote gender equality shall be presented, where appropriate. Recommendations for further actions to be taken at EU and Member States’ level to reach the objectives set in the BPfA shall be provided.

The study shall adopt a more in-depth focus on the review of the area of Violence against Women, by assessing in detail the availability and quality of data in this area for a future rationalisation of existing indicators and eventual proposal of new indicators covering also forms of Violence against Women other than domestic violence.

The report shall provide an analysis based on existing quantitative and qualitative data and information for all 12 areas of BPfA in all 28 EU Member States and, where relevant and if available, the information provided by the EU Member States’ reporting to the UNECE.

The overall activity aims at:

  • analysing and reviewing all areas of concern;
  • providing advice on updating and improving existing indicators;
  • developing a report on the progress made in the implementation of the objectives in all areas of the BPfA since 2010;
  • promoting the visibility of the Beijing indicators.

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