The study to be carried out under this contract will focus on women’s participation and access to decision-making in the media organisations in all 27 EU Member States and Croatia.


At the request of the tenderer, EIGE may provide additional information solely for the purpose of clarifying the nature of the contract. Any additional information including that referred to above will be published on this website.

Requests for additional information will not be processed if received later than the above-mentioned date.

If you intend to participate in this tender, kindly send us an e-mail confirming this intention ( notifying us.

Relevant Documents:

Contract Notice ( .pdf, 128KB), Contract Notice in TED

Invitation to tender (.pdf, 1.49MB)

Tender Specifications (.pdf, 347KB)

Standard Submission Forms (.doc, 171KB)

Draft Service Contract (.pdf, 148KB)

EIGE official public holidays in 2012 (.pdf. 120KB)


Questions and answers 1(.pdf. 384KB)