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Gender Equality Index

Serbia was the first country outside the European Union to launch a Gender Equality Index back in 2016. Serbia scored 52.4 points in 2016, 55.8 in 2018, and 58.0 in 2021. This indicates continuous, albeit slow progress in improving gender equality.

The 2021 Index edition registered the biggest improvement in the domain of power. This domain has increased by 18.5 points since the first edition of the Index for Serbia in 2016. If this pace were to continue, it would take 2.5 years to achieve full equality in this domain.

The progress in other domains was slower, with the domain of work increasing by 2.1 points, the domain of money by 0.6 points, and the domain of health by 0.7 points. However, the score in the domain of knowledge has decreased by 0.9 points since 2016.

The 2021 report also includes a thematic focus on digitalisation and analyses the situation of violence against women. A new set of indicators is presented to calculate the domain of violence in future editions of the Index.

Gender Equality Index for the Republic of Serbia 2021: Digitalization, future of work and gender equality

Индекс родне равноправности у Републици Србији 2021: Дигитализација, будућност рада и родна равноправност

Gender Equality Index for the Republic of Serbia 2018

Индекс родне равноправности у Републици Србији 2018

Gender Equality Index: Measuring gender equality in Serbia 2016

Индекс родне равноправности у Републици Србији 2016

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