EIGE Stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees

Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gender Equality Index

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the fifth country in the region of the Western Balkans to have made pivotal steps in development of national Gender Equality Index. It presents full index scores for two full domains of Knowledge and Power, and partial index scores for the domains of Work and Health.

Moving towards the Gender Equality Index Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022

Gender equality statistics

‘Women and Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ thematic bulletin 2022

Examples of gender equality initiatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina

National Action Plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325 ‘Women, Peace and Security’

Regional Network of Gender Institutional Mechanisms – a window of opportunity

EIGE's Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus

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