EIGE's 2017-2019 Single Programming document

EIGE’s fourth Multi Annual Work Programme aims to build on the Institute’s capacities to provide good quality, unique evidence and data to assist policy makers working in gender equality and related sectors across the European Union and beyond.

This document now rolls over into 2019 and includes proposals for continuation of the work into the next programming period. EIGE will work to further refine the quality of its unique products: the Gender Equality Index, Reports on the implementation of Beijing Platform for Action, its database of gender statistics, whether through improved methodologies, the identification of better quality data or the preparation of outputs specifically tailored to meet the needs of stakeholders. EIGE will also make available new research and data and address data-gaps, particularly in the domain of gender-based violence. Furthermore and to increase the impact of its main actions, the Institute will explore the most effective ways of communicating its main products.