Phrases to look out for – try swapping the order of these phrases sometimes

King and Queen Lord and Lady
Mother and father Boys and girls
Men and women Sir/Madam
Brother and sister Husband and wife
Ladies and gentlemen Boyfriend and girlfriend

Turns of phrase which exclude women

Gender-discriminatory Better
Master of ceremonies Host
A man’s home is his castle One’s home is one’s castle, a person’s home is their castle, a person’s home is his or her castle
Best man for the job Best candidate for the job, best person for the job, best
woman or man for the job
Joe public An average citizen
An Englishman, a Frenchman, and Irishman An English/ French/ Irish person
Gentlemen’s agreement Informal arrangement
Man-hour Staff hour
Workmanship Handiwork or expertise
Statesman Politician, diplomat
Mastermind Create/creator
Countryman Compatriot
Masterplan Grand plan
Brotherhood Kinship, community