How to: guiding principles for commissioning authorities

These guiding principles present the minimum standards that need to be followed if institutions wish to design effective skills development interventions. They are aimed at authorities that commission gender-equality training, as well as their respective staff.

Commissioning authorities play a key role in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating gender-equality competence development initiatives. These guidelines do not promote a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, they summarise the necessary common denominators for all gender-equality competence development initiatives. Taking into account the specific roles and needs of the commissioning authorities, these guidelines offer specific guidance for each stage of the process.

These guidelines build upon the findings of EIGE’s study on Gender-equality training in the European Union. They also take account of the opinions and experiences of Member State representatives in EIGE’s Thematic Network on Gender Training, as well as those of gender-equality experts.

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