The 4th ATGENDER Spring Conference: Setting a New Agenda for the Equality Policies will take place on 25-27 June 2014, hosted by Barcelona Provincial Council in the Francesca Bonnemaison Centre.

Since 2010 ATGENDER has established a tradition of organising spring conferences dedicated to research and teaching/learning in Women, Gender and Feminist Studies, as well as to activism, policy making, and dissemination of information.

It dedicates this year’s spring conference to: gender equality and policy making; crossroads and intersections of feminist activism and equality polices; establishing connections between equality agents, feminist activists, information specialists and those involved in academic gender studies. The conference is meant to gather ATGENDER and non-ATGENDER members interested in interaction and exchange between gender studies research, teaching, and gender equality.

Following a consultation meeting with Academia, organised by EIGE in February 2014, EIGE will now participate in the spring conference. The representatives from EIGE are: Anne Laure Humbert, Gender Expert - Research Statistics Indices, and Ana Sofia Fernandes, Resource & Documentation Centre Officer.