Dina Loghin

Executive Committee Member, European Women’s Lobby

Dina Loghin is an Executive Committee Member of the European Women’s Lobby since June 2021 and has been either a member of EWL board or an alternate since October 2007, representing the Romanian Women’s Lobby. She promotes democracy, good governance and human rights from the gender equality perspective since 1995, when she set up the "Sanse Egale pentru Femei” (SEF). In 2007 she started the establishment of the Romanian Women's Lobby, whose president was until 2015. Until June 1993 Dina worked as Engineer and as Associate professor for the Technical University in Iasi, and now holds a Master in Gender Studies (2001) from the Faculty of Political Studies at SNSPA, Bucharest. She has a particular interest in gender mainstreaming, using the institutional approach in policy development, and works a lot as a trainer. She is the author and co-author of training manuals, practical guides and course design in: Development and evaluation of public policies, Gender mainstreaming, Monitoring and evaluation of social projects and programs, Management of the Non-Governmental Organizations.