EUROPEAN WOMEN'S LOBBY - Loud and United! Women’s feminist organisations resisting the backlash!

The multiple crises that our planet is undergoing – COVID-19 and its aftermath, economic recession, increasing poverty, the war in Ukraine, energy crisis, gas shortages, political and climate upheaval – are deeply interconnected and feed each other. And women’s civil society is at the forefront of all the crises that the world is experiencing, providing crucial support to women and girls on the ground. However, we are operating in a shrinking space with limited resources and an increasing backlash. Who are the forces behind this backlash, which aims to silence women’s voices? How is this manifesting at different levels and in different countries? What strategies are the women’s and feminist civil society movement adopting to resist; what works and how can we collectively move forward to stand up together in solidarity and be Loud and United! These are some of the issues this workshop will explore.