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Safe Spaces?

What is Orange The World and What Part Are We Playing?

Orange The World is 16-days of activism against gender-based violence established by the United Nations Secretary General. Every year since 2008 there has been a global call to action to increase awareness and share knowledge on various forms of violence against women. From advocacy groups to businesses to individuals, the world comes together for the cause. Starting on 25 November - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – EIGE is chiming in once again. Three cities, three murals, three specific types of cyber violence against women and girls.

What is cyber violence

Cyber violence against women and girls includes a range of different forms of violence perpetrated by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) means on the grounds of gender or a combination of gender and other factors (e.g. race, age, disability, sexuality, profession or personal beliefs ). It can:

  • start online and continue offline such as in the workplace, at school or at home;
  • start offline and continue online across different platforms such as social media, emails or instant messaging apps;
  • be perpetrated by a person or group of people who are anonymous and/or unknown to the victim;
  • be perpetrated by a person or group of people who are known to the victim such as an (ex) intimate partner, a school mate or co-worker.

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