Green Deal and Gender Equality

Towards a green and gender-equal Europe


Unite for a Green and Fair Tomorrow Let’s take #3StepsForward

Join Carlien Scheele, Director of EIGE, as she unveils a powerful vision to accelerate the green transition while advancing gender equality. Now you too can be part of this transformative journey. Together we can shape a sustainable, inclusive future for everyone in Europe.

How #3StepsForward can pave the way towards a green and gender-equal Europe — join us on the journey


Engage in conversations. We will run a series of events that inform our collective effort to answer tough questions in two key areas of the Green Deal – energy and transport. By bringing together diverse voices, we can share ideas, inspiration, and best practices. Join the debate.


Listen to the evidence: It is the solid foundation of progress. This year’s Gender Equality Index will show the links between existing gender and intersectional inequalities and the green transition.


Act smart. EIGE develops tools and good practices that help take the gendered impact of climate change and climate action into account. Our gender-mainstreaming toolkits help decision-makers draft policies, procure services, or prepare budgets that meet women and men where they are. This is how we ensure no one is left behind.