Ustawa z dnia 6 czerwca 1997 r. - Kodeks postępowania karnego, Dz.U. 1997 nr 89 poz. 555 (Polish Code of Criminal Procedure)

Targeted professionals: General scope (Art. 304.1) and state or local government institutions (Art.304.2)

Professional Secrecy Provisions

Conditions for disclosing information

According to Article 304.1, everyone who learned about the commitment of offence prosecuted ex officio has a social duty to inform the prosecutor or the Police about it. Additionally, state or local government institutions that learned about commitment of such offence in relation to their activities are also obliged to inform straight away the prosecutor or the Police about it (Art. 304.2).

Right or duty to report

Duty to report

Existence of disciplinary sanctions in case of non-reporting

Art. 304 (1) - no penal sanction

Art. 304 (2) - penal sanctions according to Art.231 § 1 of the Penal Code;


Internet System of Legal Acts, Sejm (; Legal act:; Translation into English:{97593377-287C-47C0-B7E8-810D57D1EF67} (does not come from the official web page of the Polish Parliament); "Duties to report offence resulting from law provisions" available at the web page of the Voivodeship Headquarters of the Police in Białystok:

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Date of entering into force